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  July 9, 2020
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 Title:  Krazy Kracka Klan: Mother and Son Marriage –
 Submit Date: 2011-01-25
 Whitetrash.Net :: Media :: Freaks || Category in Thumbs

55 Votes

Krazy Kracka Klan: Mother and Son Marriage –

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Name: Discourage incest, ban country music

Maybe it’s their way to help preserve their disgusting piece of shit race and put a stop to interracial relationships. Thanks for the whitewatch site


That his mother on mothers day you stupid ass turd skin niggers. And at least he still has a daddy thats still around. They don't have AIDS & STDS LIKE YOU FUCKING SHIT SKIN NIGGERS WHO FUCK ANYTHING!

Name: nikki

what is quit funny is that you got all these nasty comments. first of all albus ( white) people. learn your history. did we forget that j.d. rockefellar had you white people in the coal mines? every white person didnot own a slave, because slaves were exspensive, slavery never ewas a black issue , but it was an economic issue (free labor) shit skin niggers lol but less keep running to the tanning bed. learn your history we are not telling you to run back to your caves are we. its easy to blame a nigger, but we didnt send your jobs overseas, we dont control gas prices, whites live in poverty and all lead in welfare, check the census burea. you cant debate facts , being white doesnt make you privlaged, money does. really theres alot of misplaced hatred.

Name: Disgusted Human

I think it's sad there's still racism in this world today! If anyone should ever complain about this country it should be the indians! I think it's sad that there's still Negro Day and Black Scholarships and Black Beauty Pageants. I feel having those things only keeps racism alive and separation from all races in USA. Equality is Equality! You can't take Everyone should be proud of their race no matter what as well as where they came from! Also There is no White Trash, Niggers, Wetbacks etc! It's called sick, twisted and disgusting human beings. No matter what color and believe me there is a child molester, inbred, rapist, sick bastard in each and every color of skinned human being out there!!! BTW I am a white female married to a white male with 3 white children. However being that we are in the 21st century we have so many different nationalites who can say they are truly white, black etc? I personally have indian, french, german, english and irish in my genes and My husband has German, Italian, Irish, Indian, and French in his. So Guess how many genes our kids have now? See my point!!!!

Name: The Word

Spare me the PC one-worlder "we're all just people" claptrap Disgusting (Sub)Human.

Even God doesnt approve of mongrels. Read Deut. 23:2:

A BASTARD (from the word 'mamzer', meaning MONGREL) will not enter into the congregation of the Lord; EVEN UNTO HIS TENTH GENERATION!

Spare me the modern globalist bullshit. There is nothing wrong with people insisting on sticking to their own, or are you for another Tower of babel scenario?

Name: Katlyn

Cute couple. I hope their marriage lasts forever.

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