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  September 20, 2020
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 Title:  White Trash Wedding
 Submit Date: 2010-09-15
 Whitetrash.Net :: Media :: Freaks || Category in Thumbs

103 Votes

White Trash Wedding

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Fat Ass Marci Gall's White Trash Wedding


Name: MDS

That's Marci? Jesus, she's as big as a house. You guys remember Forrest Fogarty was bragging at the Baltimore show that he is tapping THAT? She kept calling and texting him during the show and he was talking like she was one of his hot little "groupies."

Maybe a groupie. But she ain't little. Jesus, what a hog.


Forrest brags about f-ing the holes in his walls. Everyone (except her own husband) knows that Forrest loves to prey on married women.

Is that Eric "the Butcher" in that shot? And, I think that's Amy in this picture, too, the racialist that Marci informed on to the One People's Project. Wow, pictures really do tell a thousand words.

I don't see how White Trash Scene Queen Marci tells everyone (except her own husband, LMFWAO) that she used to be a former stripper; she would break the stripper pole in half just by looking at it.

Name: KingNut

How about Mike Lawrence's girl? That old washup has been passed around so much nobody wants her anymore. Fugly Mike is always the caboose when it comes to pass-arounds!

Name: Caveman

How could any WP scene chick fuck mike lawrence? Thats race mixing!


Marcy lost a ton of weight. Forrrest was showing people at the Baltimore naked pix of her on his phone, she was skiny in the pix. Sad thing is her husband thinks Forrest is his buddy.

Name: Snitches

Marcy and Jason are snitches. They were allowed back into the zoolanders, now the zoolanders are all being locked up and snitch jason and whore marcy are throwing a party. Everyone show up and get your picture taken in their basement!

Name: Hater

Now Marcy tries to send naked pictures to her ex, but they are so nasty, they don't come through! We sit and laugh our asses off that she still has that Forrest Crush, I'm surprised she didn't name that baby Forrest.

Name: Real Irish

Holy shit!, She is still all over forrest, he was talking mad shit about her in ohio, laughing about how fat and stretched out she was, and she kept sending her pictures to him, I think we laughed all the way back to so Carolina!

Name: Fortress

Jason was NO snitch! I don't really know shit about his ex, she did leave lots of clothes in ohio, and I was so confused, I didn't know she was a 4XL, then we talked and she said she was "skinny now"...whatever. Please stop dragging Forrest into this, she likes younger guys....I'm not including Ian, he's a cool dude, , , but she prefers the kids she babysits.

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